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7 Basic General Insurance Principles

As everything in life is done by following certain principles, your insurer follows certain principles before giving you full compensation. Moreover, after opting for general insurance, you need to follow the insurance principles so that you get uninterrupted service from IFFCO Tokio General Insurance at the proper time.

When you are getting an IFFCO Tokio general insurance quote or applying for the primary insurance, you and your insurer must establish certain principles that can heighten the quality of service. 

Good Faith 

When you are going to an insurer for property insurance with full knowledge of the property, the insurer is not fully aware of the condition of the property at the same time. However, without even disclosing the history of the property, the insurer gives you the chance of signing the insurance contract.

This worked as both of you trusted on each other. The insurance only can work out if there is firm belief or trust between the two parties.   


The principle of indemnity is based on the evaluation of monetary loss as an insurer having a general insurance must not make a profit out of the loss. This is up to you how you will get your indemnity and following are the options,

Cash payment 

Suppose you have property insurance and you face a massive loss like the sudden destruction to the house. In this case, the highest amount that you can receive from the IFFCO Tokio general insurance online is the sum insured mentioned in general insurance policy. 


The contribution is interrelated to the principle of indemnity. The principle of contribution lets you claim the coverage to the particular degree of real loss from one policymaker or several insurers. If you get full coverage from one, then you can claim the compensation from other insurers as well. However, the principle is based on specific grounds including,

When you are applying for IFFCO Tokio general insurance online payment and other insurers, there must a common interest in every policy. 
There even needs to be a common subject in every policy. 
The effectiveness of the policy is required at the time of loss.  

Minimisation of Loss 

The aspect related to the minimisation of loss that you, being the insured, must try to minimise the risk of loss unless unfortunate events occur. IFFCO Tokio general insurance service can be obtained, but you as well need to take proper measures in predicted adverse events beforehand. 

You negligence leading to an accident will cause you havoc and may deprive you of getting the perks like IFFCO Tokio general insurance 0 down payment.


Georgina's car is crashed by reckless driving by a driver. Georgina having the  IFFCO Tokio General Insurance calls up the insurance company and then gets paid for the due financial coverage. In this case, the policymaker files a lawsuit against the driver for his negligence and wins the case.  

The insurance company then retains the money paid to Georgina and gives back the balance amount if only there is any.

This implies that the aspect of subrogation is exchanging one for another. However, the principle is only applied when the property or material has specific market value at the time of its damage.  

Nearest Cause

George has IFFCO Tokio General Insurance for a cargo ship. The ship was damaged due to the creativity of the rats and water entered from the sea in the boat. Now here are two culprits of loss that are rats and entry of water. 

In this case, the first case related to the rats is not insured, but the risk of water from the sea is insured. Now George will be given IFFCO Tokio general insurance payment based on the second cause.

Hence, Causa Proxima derived from Latin or popularly known as; nearest cause indicates that when you are making IFFCO Tokio general insurance claim for a loss that includes several objectives, then the closest reason to be taken for consideration to determine your liability.

Insurable Interest 

Insurable interest is one of the critical components of the IFFCO Tokio general insurance policy signed between you and your policymaker. The general insurance policy online is required to have this principle as the insured object that may be limb, life, property or right needs to be recognized by law. Following are the times the insurable interest needs to be present,

Its existence is vital at the foundation if the life insurance policy. However, the general insurance does not require following at the time of IFFCO Tokio general insurance online claim status. 
On the contrary of life insurance, the policy is necessarily required to be present at the time of claim of marine protection. However, it does not necessarily need to be followed at the time of the foundation of the claim.
In case of property insurance policy, IFFCO Tokio General Insurance follows this principle at the time of claim and establishment of the policy. 

If you are following these principles, then getting IFFCO Tokio general insurance policy renewal online won't be a burden for you. Moreover, understanding the principles, you can be more inclined to invest more in other policies.

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Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy Cover Guide

Accidents are never a pretty a thing to go through. These events change an individual's view and the way he or she was living it. You should have an accidental insurance policy so that it doesn’t affect one financially.

Various accidents take place every day on public and private properties. Newspapers and articles show people having accidents while doing their daily work. So having a policy for accidents means one safeguard himself for future events. 
According to need, one can either get individual or group accidental plans. Such specific plans are what one needs to create a safe environment if there is an occurrence of an unpleasant event.

Many companies offer this plan for individual people. They all have some necessary groundwork for claims with just a few changes. The standard primary contract contains more or less the same things.

The primary coverage or contents of a contract is discussed below. This offers guidance for an accidental insurance policy which you should compare when buying a plan.

Death Of The Insurer

Fatal accidents most of the time results in the death of a person. If insurers' lives come to an end from an unforeseen event or disaster, then a sum is paid. An accidental insurance policy will pay for the demise of insurers.
So one should go through accidental insurance schemes to get the one which is good. By comparing one would come to know about the premium amount along with total coverage.

Dismemberment Of Limbs

This gruesome incident where one loses limbs is hard for everyone. But accidental insurance policy makes it bearable and manageable. All the loss cannot be regained, but with help from a policy, one can be stable financially. 
A person might lose limb or limbs in an event. Then that person will receive an amount which is mentioned on the policy under dismemberment section. This accidental insurance for a person helps in moving ahead in life.

Payments When Hospitalized

After an accident, one may have to spend a few days in a hospital. The daily expenditure at the hospital is covered under an accidental insurance policy. This makes the headache of making payments go away.

Throughout the time of healing one will receive the hospital payments from accidental covers. It provides a patient with monetary relief. 

Injured Due To Terrorist Attack

The accidental insurance policy also covers a person from terrorist acts. If you become injured in any way in terrorist attack, the one will receive coverage for it. This is why people get this coverage as a prevention and protection. 
All injuries which are treated and billed will be compensated. Injuries which occur due to accidents are covered under various accidental schemes. Other clause and points are also added by multiple companies which is why one needs to compare before buying. 

Several Advantages Of Having Accidental Insurance Policy

There are some particular benefits which an insurer enjoys by having accidental insurance policy. It covers a person and also assists in various ways. The primary advantages are mentioned above as it discusses the different coverage it offers. Below some of the secondary benefits are mentioned. 

Security of Family Members

In case an insurer dies in an accident then the family members will receive an amount from the policy. Having accidental insurance policy makes it sure that one’s family gets the benefits. This way at least a family get some financial help during such crisis.
If there is permanent disability or dismemberment, then family doesn't have to bear the financial struggle. Everything is covered under plans for various accidental events. This provides them with some relief. 

Documentation and Medical Test Not A Requirement

For getting this insurance nobody have to go through any medical test or documentation. All plans covering accidental events do not require medical examinations as accidents are unforeseen events. So there is no need for medical tests.

Legal, Funeral And Child Education Expense

If a person has legitimate expense after an accident, then it is covered under such plans. The same thing applies to funeral expenses. If a person passes away, then funeral expenses are covered by the policy.
In the event of death or permanent disability, the insurer’s child will receive education expense. This makes the accidental insurance policy the best way to keep a family protected.

Customized Plans and Easy Claiming Process

The schemes available for accidental coverage is flexible. It is customised to suit a customer, and if any mishaps take place, then claiming process is easy. It is kept in such a way that a client might get the claims quickly without hassle. 
Guidance is available everywhere. To have the best guidance one just needs to compare the policies with one another, and whichever suits best should be purchased.

The accidental insurance policy is the best way to be protected. And for the best protection guide compare all the policies available and the buy it. 

All that you need to know about mediclaim policy in India

A country with over 1.34 billion citizens and relatively expensive medical treatment, India has only recently begun to realize the importance of medical insurance. The rise in the number of people opting for a Mediclaim policy is a direct result of that realization. Mediclaim is a medical insurance policy that essentially reimburses the health care expenses of the insured individual up to the assured value in the event of his/her encountering a medical emergency or requires to be hospitalized. Depending on the type of policy, the insurance company either releases the cost of treatment directly to the hospital or medical center or reimburses it after the insured individual submits all the relevant bills. Here are all the essential factors you need to know about Mediclaim policy in India:

It has a predefined time period
As per the current industry norms, an individual buying Mediclaim is only insured for a specified time period after which he/she will be required to pay the premium to continue being covered for medical treatment under the policy agreements.

Mediclaim policy covers:

With a Mediclaim, you’re buying insurance to cover a wide range of medical expenses, including the cost of medicine, blood and oxygen, x-rays and other diagnostic tests, chemotherapy, donor expenses in case of an organ transplant, the cost of daycare treatments, pre and post hospitalization costs, the professionals’ fee and much more. It doesn’t, however, provide cover for pre-existing medical ailments, health issues arising due to drug abuse, STDs, suicide attempts, cosmetic surgeries, laboratory tests or the cost of visual or hearing aids that the insurer might require for his condition.

Different types of Mediclaim policies in India

Insurance companies in India are currently offering several different kinds of Mediclaim plans to the citizens. These are-

       Individual policy
       Like its namesake, this kind of insurance policy covers only the person buying the policy, ensuring him/her against the financial liabilities that may arise in the event of his/her being hospitalized.
       Family floater cover- A family policy provides coverage for the insured person together with his/her family members, so that all the expenses arising in case any of the family members require to be hospitalized for treatment are borne or reimbursed by the insurance company.
       Senior citizen mediclaim policy -A policy to cover the cost of medical treatment of senior citizens, Senior citizen mediclaim policy provides coverage for senior citizens that require hospitalization due to bodily injuries or sickness. The policy offers cover for a wide range of medical problems, including asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, arthritis and many more.

Group policy

Business owners and those in charge of a group use this policy to offer the benefit of cashless hospitalization or reimbursement of hospitalization expenses to their employees as part of their remuneration package.

Low-cost policy

The best health insurance policy for the underprivileged, this policy is mostly sought by owners of small and medium scale businesses to ensure their employees (and those dependent on the employees). The cost of this is quite low to keep it within reach of the low-income citizens.

Overseas policy

This policy offers coverage for the financial liabilities of a person who’s either traveling to a foreign country or is staying there for a period of time is in need of hospitalization due to an accident or sickness.

Critical illness policy

This policy offers coverage for a wide range of critical diseases, most of which require highly expensive medical treatment. The list of illnesses covered includes cancer, kidney failure, paralysis, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery and more. 

Selecting the right policy for you

The choice isn’t always a luxury! There are dozens of policies to choose from, all promising, all well recommended – It can be a challenge deciding upon the one that’s right for you! Insurance companies often include several benefits that have similar or overlapping features in their policies—make sure you read the list of benefits thoroughly and correctly understand every feature listed in the policy document. Also, consider the following factors before deciding upon a particular policy.


Investing in a health insurance policy will be futile if you only focus on the premium and end up with inadequate coverage. Consider your needs and the benefits you require most before making your final decision.


A lot of senior citizen mediclaim policies have the option of co-payment wherein the insurer chooses to bear a part of his/her medical expenses while the insurance company covers the rest. Opting for co-payment can reduce the premium of your policy which will remain pretty useful in the times of need.


The policy you like might not cover certain expenses like the cost of dental, cataract and cardiac treatment. You must ensure the mediclaim policy you buy covers for all the procedures you might require in the future.

58 What are the best health insurance providers in India

Health insurance is one of the fastest growing industries in India, as also, one of the most competitive! With ever-increasing population and awareness comes every rising demand for more comprehensive, economical and beneficial health insurance cover. Prominent insurance providers put in a lot of research and effort to devise health cover policies that can outdo the competition while, at the same time, appeal to consumers from every demographic. Here’s a short list comprising the ones that have mastered the art and claimed the right to be ranked amongst the best health insurance providers in India
AMHI Company
A joint venture between Apollo hospitals and the health business division of Munich Re, Germany, AMHI Company has remained one of the top health insurance companies in India since becoming operational in 2007. The company works with the motto ‘Let’s uncomplicate,’ and it has served its business well over the years. It offers a wide range of insurance services, all high-end, and caters to both the elite as well as the common man. With multi-specialized hospitals spread across the nation and a dedicated team of doctors to handle insurance claims, the company’s records reveal that an estimated 98 percent of claims received get satisfactorily settled within 15 days. Apollo Munich Optima Restore is one of the best selling health insurance policies in India.
BAHI Company
BAHI is a collaboration between Bharti Enterprises, one of India’s most renowned and respected business groups and AXA, a global leader in the fields of wealth management and financial protection. The company started operating in India in 2008 and holds the distinction of being the first insurance provider to have received dual ISO certifications in its initial year. With well thought and carefully designed plans to meet the requirements of individuals from all sections of the society, the company has consolidated on its early laurels to become one of India’s best health insurance companies in the recent years. BAHI policies offer the facility of cashless hospitalization in 4300 top-of-the-line medical centers across the country. They also have a 24x7 dedicated helpline to cater to its customers and resolve their queries. Bharti AXA SmartHealth policy, one of the company’s best offerings in recent times, is one of the most popular, as also, one of the best health insurance policies in India today.
SHAI Company
SHAI Company Limited began operations in India in 2006. A partnership between ICICI Ventures Funds Limited, TCGF, OI Company, Sequoia Capital and Alpha TC Holdings, the company focuses solely on health insurance, striving to come up with the best health insurance policies and to provide the best customer service. The company has a strong nationwide presence, with over 6000 branch offices and more than 7000 network hospitals across the country. The direct, in-house claim settlement procedure guarantees hassle-free settlement of insurance claims. The company’s health cover plans - Star Health Senior Citizen Red Carpet and Star Health Cardiac Care have been two of the best selling health insurance policies in India in the recent past.
MBHI Company
MBHI Company Limited strives to be the nation’s most admired insurance provider. Business collaboration between Max India Limited and Bupa, a renowned healthcare service provider, based in the United Kingdom, Max Bupa offers health coverage to individuals of all ages. Bupa’s considerable experience and customer base- over six decades and more than 11.3 million customers worldwide, combined with Max India’s innovative customer service and dedicated clinical research has rendered the company one of the best insurance providers not just in India, but globally. The company offers the facility of cashless hospitalization in 3,500 plus network hospitals in India, along with the similar service in over 190 countries of the world. With no third party involvement required for claim settlement, the customers are assured quick, easy claim settlement. Their policy Max Bupa Heartbeat is amongst India’s best-selling insurance policies in the recent past.
Religare Health Insurance Company

One of the fastest growing, as also, one of the best health insurance vendors in India, Religare has enjoys a stable support structure in its primary promoter- Religare Enterprises Limited and major shareholders- Union Bank (India) and Corporation Bank (India). The company has a unique heritage in the healthcare sector and is backed by Fortis Healthcare Limited, one of the nation’s top medical units. Religare customers have the benefit of availing cashless medical treatment in over 4758 hospitals around the country. The company also has a highly efficient customer support system in place to ensure trouble-free settlement of insurance claims. Religare ‘Care’ is one of the company’s most popular offerings in recent times. It’s also one of the top-selling health insurance policies in all of India.
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Top 10 best Tips to Buy Health Insurance

What if you are told that there is a policy that takes care of your financial expenses if you are undergoing an acute condition? Or even provides financial backup if you opt for MRI or buy drugs to get recovery? From receiving coverage on consultations of medical practitioners to treatment procedures, B.A. health insurance plans can save you.

Getting insurance for medical or health purpose may seem to be a complicated process as a whole and for this reason; you get reluctant to get one. However, it can be simplified only if you keep certain things in mind before buying one.

Things Covered by B.A. Health Insurance Plans

The range of areas covered by the insurance policy is vast that you must know,

     Whenever you are admitted to the hospital for 24 hours or treatment procedures like chemotherapy or other therapies, the B.A. health insurance policy plans can be of great help.
     B.A. health insurance plans cover the admission charges including nursing fees and ambulance charges.
     Moreover, along with pre-hospital expenses, post-hospital expenses can be taken care of if you go for B.A. health insurance online payment.

Things to remember before getting B.A. Health Insurance Schemes

You may be torn between deciding the best policy as several B.A. health insurance plans are available for you. However, little tips on the programs can be helpful for you.

     Always Compare - B.A. health insurance plans comparison is necessarily required to understand the premium cost and coverage range. However, do not always go for the one with the lowest premium as it may not be the best for you.
     Get Expert’s Advice - On choosing the B.A health insurance plans to compare, you need to get the expert's advice they can help you out to get the best deal for you like whether opting for Bajaj Personal Guard Accident is the best for you or the Star Package that includes the provision of hospital cash.
     Follow a Healthy Diet Plan - Following a healthy diet plan is needed as the B.A. health insurance plans check your medical history before calculating the premium of insurance. Now if you are a chain smoker or an alcoholic, then your premium will be based on life expectancy, and you may get insurance with a high premium.
     Keep an Eye on Medical Expense - It may not happen every time but is it is often seen that hospitals or pharmacists usually charge higher than usual once they learn you are protected by B.A. health insurance no claim bonus. So, always check twice to avert consequences of significant errors in medical billings.
     Read the front and back of Terms and Conditions - Now terms and conditions are one of the most neglected things in the world as we always tend to agree on the clauses without even bothering to read them. In the case of B.A. health insurance corporate plan, it is required to be understood as you may miss out the vital points like no applicable if you are 75 years old or undergoing chronic diseases.
     Get a Licensed Broker - Brokers can give you the best ideas as they can simplify the causes to you including highlighting the key features of every insurance plan. To get the best out of B.A. health insurance family plan, you can contact a broker. Additionally, the brokers can let you know the easiest way to get efficient and lowest premium for B.A. health insurance plans. 
     Keep Your Future Requirements in Mind - You sure want to get lifetime perks, and for this keeping your future needs in mind are essential. And relying on health insurance is a long-term investment, so you need to keep in mind B.A. health insurance premium renewal policy to get uninterrupted facilities.
     Look for Hospitals tied up with Your Insurer - Usually, the hospitals tie-up with policymakers and if you go for the hospitals that tie up with B.A. health insurance online payment, you are sure to get on time claims and coverage.
     Know about the Eligibility Criteria of the Plans - While checking out the B.A. health insurance plans you can get to know that for B.A. Health Ensure Plan, the entry age is three years old and fir B.A. Tax Gain Plan, the entry age is 18 years. This means knowing the eligibility criteria for the plans can be useful.
     Know how to Calculate Premium - Let the policymaker not fool you, so you need to know premium is being calculated. Moreover, acquire knowledge on the sum assured and the frequency of the policy being used. Understand how you can access B.A. health insurance online renewal, and charges are to be levied on every year.

Needless to say, how useful B.A. Health Insurance Plans are for you, and the no claim bonus is one of the perks that you get along with the facilities. The health insurance has become indispensable as life expectancy is decreasing day by day. With proper knowledge of clauses and offers, you can consume the best out of the plans. 

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Why Motor Insurance Premiums are high and what to do about it?

Car insurance or motor insurance is mandatory in India, and the plan protects your vehicle and you in case of an accident or during times of unexpected risks. The premium rate that is paid at regular intervals differs according to the vehicle and the owner.   
The insurance industry revises the premium of different insurance plans annually. This is mainly done to restrain the claims ratio- the ratio of the claims to the premiums paid.

The Increase in Premiums  

As per IRDAI’s (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) recent proposition, the third-party liability premiums of the motor insurance can cost up to 50% more. Any motor insurance has two parts namely own damage and third-party liability.
As per the law, every motor vehicle owner in India should have insurance for motor vehicle liability. This component of the motor insurance does not cover damages caused to the vehicle or the owner; it includes the debt that arises due to the damage caused to the third-party.

The other component covering own damage is optional, and this is not fixed by the regulator.

The Reason for the Increase in Premium Rates

Every year when IRDAI calculates the premium, it takes into consideration the data showing gross premiums and the net claims paid from the previous years. In case of loss of life, the company has unlimited liability for a loss of life.
The industry pays more to settle third-party claims, more than what it receives from the premiums for third-party insurance. To bridge this gap between premiums received and claims, the rates of insurance are increased and are likely to be revised every few years.

Factors that Influence Car Insurance Premium in India

While the governing bodies regulate the overall increase in your insurance premium, there are other factors that determine your fixed insurance premium rate. Listed below are a few of them.

     Purpose of the vehicle: Commercially used vehicles have an increased premium when compared to private ones.

     The vehicle model: The insured declared value of your vehicle or the market value of your car heavily influences your premium amount. The higher the cost of your car, the higher the premium.  Other factors that are counted are the fuel type, the date of registration, the cost of spare parts and the year of manufacture of your car.

     Safety and Damage Control: Insurance premiums are always more for cars that are more susceptible to damage due to the absence of safety features like robust locks, advanced braking systems, etc.

     The Insurance zone: Urban car owners pay more premium when compared to their rural counterparts due to vulnerability to accidents and thefts.

Other factors like your credit score, your gender, and your age are also taken into consideration.

Tips to Reduce Car Insurance Premiums

With recent regulations, picking a good motor insurance plan with a very low premium is quite an arduous task. Here are a few tips to help you choose well.

     Compare Car Insurance- Always, as a ground rule, before you purchase a motor insurance, compare the quotes offered by different companies and analyze the benefits provided. You can get these details from the websites of the insurance companies or in any of the insurance comparison platforms. The benefits offered must be studied in detail as it differs between companies.

     Choose Coverage with Care- The benefits offered by each policy are pre-determined. If you have opted for a flexible plan, you would be able to opt out of coverage that you may not need. This can lower the premium rate. You should choose the coverage based on your driving history, the city and the route you mostly drive, etc.

     Safety Features fetch you good discounts- Installing the recommended safety features listed by the Automobile Association of India (AAI) can earn you good discounts on your premium. The percentage of discounts offered is between 2.5% up to 5%. Some of the prescribed safety factors are airbags, steering-wheel locks, locks for gears, alarms for theft, etc.

     Check for Other Discounts- As a policyholder, you are eligible for other discounts offered by the insurance company based on your age, profession, driving record and different specifications. Some insurance companies offer a discount for a covered car parking and other factors. Check with your agent.

If you are a member of organizations like AAI, you get additional discounts on your premium fare.
     Choose voluntary deduction when applicable- Increasing the deductibles on your policy can reduce your motor insurance premium. The amount you pay out of your pocket when making a claim is called a deductible.

If your deductible is zero, you will be eligible to receive the entire amount while making a claim. Post the claim; your regular premium will be high. A voluntary deduction can be applicable in specific instances like if you are an experienced and safe driver and have not met with accidents in the past. Another example is if you have not claimed insurance in the last few years.

The most important aspect of purchasing a motor insurance policy is to pay the premium regularly. In case of a lapse, you will lose out on certain loyalties that you might be eligible for. 

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Easy Ways To Renew Your Health Insurance

With the cost of good healthcare being through the roof, it is not only necessary, but also essential to have a good health insurance policy, and it is even more important to make sure your plan is up to date and has not expired.

Why You Need Health Insurance

If your employer does not provide universal health insurance, you might think to yourself that you do not need to waste money on health insurance because you hardly ever need medical assistance, but it is always a good idea to invest in a reliable policy, for when you are off color. Health insurance generally covers the cost of surgery, hospital stay, doctors, laboratory reports, pharmacy bills, and most other things.

Health Insurance Renewals

Most healthcare agencies allow for online renewal ofhealth insurance policies, not only saving your time, but also saving you money, as you can adjust your payment options, as you please. If you would like to switch your insurance provider, all insurance agencies have insurance portability, which allows you to switch over to a different insurance agency, without having to worry through the waiting period of filing for a new policy, all over again.

Factors To Consider Before Renewal

Health insurance policies usually last for a year, and it is important to stay updated on any new offers and continued benefits that the insurer may offer. Although the insurance agencies do send out messages notifying their clients about any change in plans, or even to remind them to renew their policies, it is also your responsibility to stay up to date.

Health Updates

Be sure to inform your insurance agency about any change in your health, as it can affect the policy and coverage. Ideally, it is best to notify the insurance agency at least 30 days in advance.

Payment of Premiums

You must pay the premiums of the policy on time, as the delay in payment could affect the coverage and validity of the premium. Continued payments are also a way the insurance agency makes sure the policyholder is still interested in utilizing the benefits of the policy.

Policy Portability

If you would like to switch policy providers, it is possible to do that. You can carry over all the same benefits, and the same policy, with with a different insurance provider, by opting for the policy portability option. However, if you do decide to choose for this service, make sure to contact both insurance providers at least 45 days in advance, so as to not lose any benefits or coverage of the policy.

Grace Period

If you forget to renew your policy, no need to fret, most insurance companies of a grace period of 15 days after the expiration of the plan, in which the insured can renew the policy. However, if the plan is not renewed within the 15 day grace period, the policy cannot be renewed, and a new policy has to be made.

Online Health Insurance Renewal

Online renewal of health insurance is perhaps easier than doing it offline. It saves not only times and effort, but also money, as some agencies offer discounts for online renewals. Not only that, but you can also adjust the premium charges yourself and see exactly what you are paying for.

The online process is a simple 5 step process, that is as easy as pie. The steps are:

  1. Fill in all the required details into the online form, including the necessary information of the previous policy, such as the policy number and expiration date.
  2. Adjust the policy coverage as you may wish to change it.
  3. Pay using a credit card, debit card or net banking.
  4. Once the payment is authorized, you will receive a digitally signed copy of the insurance policy, which you can print to keep a physical copy of, to yourself, any time you please.
  5. You will receive a login username and password, which you can use to sign into your account and monitor your policy, any time you please.

Before Making Online Renewals

It is essential to consider a few things before renewing your policy, whether online or offline, to consider getting the same benefits with the continued policy. These things are:

     Make sure to renew the policy at least 15 days before the expiration. Even though a 15 grace period is offered after the expiration of the policy, it is best to renew it in advance, so as to not lose any added benefits from the policy.
     If the policy expires, and a new policy has to be made, there will be no healthcare coverage in the period between the two policies.
     If the renewal request is denied, you, as the policyholder has all right to ask for an explanation as to why your renewal request was denied. It is usually rejected due to a change in your general health, because of a condition that your current policy may not cover.
     If you, as the policyholder, opt to choose policy portability, you are eligible to receive the same benefits as the previous policy, with the previous insurance agency.

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